Pinghu Chenbiao Fastener Co., Ltd.
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Product Category
welding nails
square · hexagon
Standard Category
ASME B 18.16.4-2008
ASME B 18.16.4-2008
ANSI/ASME B 18.2.2-2010
ANSI/ASME B 18.2.2-2010
IFI 145-2002
IFI 145-2002
DIN 6923-1983
DIN 6927-1983
DIN 928-1983
DIN 928-2000
DIN 929-1987
DIN 929-2008
GB /T 13680-1992
GB /T 13681-1992
GB /T 13681.2-2010
GB /T 6177.1-2000
GB /T 6177.2-2000
GB /T 6187.1-2000
GB /T 6187.2-2000
ISO 21670-2003
ISO 4161-1983
JIS B 1190(ISO 4161)-2005
JIS B 1196(H 1A/1B)-2001
JIS B 1200-2007
Q 320
Q 371(B)

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Contact:Manager Xiong
Telephone: +86-573-85762002
Mobile Phone: +86-13906732299
Fax: +86-573- 85761989
Contact: 熊晨超
Telephone: +86-573-85762002
Mobile Phone: +86-13506732801
Fax: +86-573- 85761989
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 About Us
Pinghu ChenBiao Fasteners Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful plain, adjacent to the Zhapu, Shanghai and Ningbo ports. Therefore, we enjoy very convenient transportation.


We are a large professional manufacturer producing various standard and non-standard nuts, including flange nuts, hexagon nuts and self-lock nuts. All of our products can meet different standards, such as DIN (German standard), JIS (Japanese standard), ANSI (American standard), AS (Australian standard) and other standards. Through all these years effort, we enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad because of our stable product quality and timely delivery, and now feel proud to say that we are a trustworthy friend of our customers.


At present, we can almost supply any kind of nuts. Quality steel and automatic cold headers are adopted to ensure the tolerance and verticality of the thread. We also make sure the products are delivered within the required time.